The Singer's Choice Concert for 2013
Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 1:25AM
Bob T.

As our final offering last season, we presented our

Singers' Choice Concert 

June 14th at Epiphany Lutheran Church 

Each year our members suggest their favorite music to our Creative Director, Terry Stackley.  As you might expect with a choir as diverse as ours, so too would be our music.  The selections that evening spanned the musical spectum from Sacred, Pop, Doo-Wap, Patriotic, and Country to just plain fun.  We hope there was something you loved but we are confident you enjoyed all you heard.  Visit the "Sights" page for pictures of this wonderful evening.

And so our 2012-2013 season has come to a rousing finish.  It has been a great year of growth for the Celebration Singers - in attendence, our charitable donations, and our musical repertoir.  We are looking forward to next year. Terry Stackley has some amazing music ready for us.  

Join us for our concerts this 2013-2014 Season.  Now that arrangements and venues are locked in our schedule for the year has been posted to the right.  

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We look forward to seeing you at all our events.


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