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Tuesday, Dec 12 - 7:30 PM - Christmas Concert - W@LR

Friday, Dec 15 - 8:00 PM - Christmas Concert - OBUM


Tuesday, March 13 - Night Concert - W@LR

Friday, March 16 -  8:00 PM - Night Concert - OBUM

Tuesday. May 29 - 7:30 PM - Singers' Choice Concert - W@LR

Saturday, June 2- 8:00 PM - Singers' Choice Concert - OBUM

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Old Bridge United Methodist Church  (OBUM) is located at:

       3966 Old Bridge Road

       Woodbridge, VA 22192


Westminster at Lake Ridge is located at:

 12191 Clipper Drive

Lake Ridge, VA 22192


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Welcome to the online home of the

Lake Ridge Chorale!

Looking for the Celebration Singers?  You've found us! 
We've changed our name. 

 2018 and the Elephant in the Room!

Well, we suspect you've noticed.  We have renamed our choir the "Lake Ridge Chorale."  Why you ask?  We simply feel like we've out grown our old name.  We don't just sing to "celebrate" anymore, (although we do a fair amount of that)  We have become a serious musical force in the Lake Ridge and Northern Virgina area.  We chose "Lake Ridge Chorale" to more accurately reflect the maturity of music we embrace, as well as to more closely identify with the region that we serve.  While our audience comes from all over Prince William County, and we sincerely hope they will continue to do so, most of our audience and our singers come from Lake Ridge, and our venues are located there as well.  In future years, as our influence expand beyond our current community, the new name will reflect both our heritage and our home.

We have an exciting year of events planned for you.  Of course, Christmas will be celebrated (see we still do that!) with our tradition concert featuring seasonal music and some special selections that will delight everyone.  Our second concert series, Night Music, will be a multimedia event.  Our vocals will include "night" music and other "celestial" selections.  This will be complemented by a photographic display of stars, galaxies, planets, and nebulae, taken by one of our members.  The music and the visuals will soar upon the grandure of the universe!

As usual, we will wrap up the year with our traditional "Singers' Choice" concert with performances on Tuesday, May 29th and Saturday June 2nd.  Each piece is recommended by our members and usually spans the musical spectrum from classical, religious, pop, folk, and who knows what else - talk about variety!


We hope you have an opportunity to attend our 2017-2018 concerts and we are confident you will enjoy the music as much as we do.  The season will provide you with worthwhile entertainment and, with your help, an opportunity to support the local charities that we sponsor.  Don't forget, our concerts are free and 100% of your donations go to these fine charities.  (See the "About" Tab above for details about these charities.)

The dates and locations for this season's concerts are listed in the column at the right.  Schedule and location changes can occur, new pictures are posted after each concert, and choir news is always fun to hear so...    


...Check back often!



Remember! If you would like to sing with us, select the "About" tab for more on how to join our group.  We are always looking for dedicated and talented singers who enjoy good music and have a desire to share that joy with our community.


The Lake Ridge Chorale is a performance-oriented and service-based community singing group that endeavors, through its presence and visibility in Prince William County, to enhance the County’s image throughout Northern Virginia, the entire National Capital Region, and beyond. We aspire to provide our members and audiences with a rewarding and enjoyable experience through seasonal concerts. Lake Ridge Chorale aims to provide support for charitable organizations local to Northern Virginia. To achieve these goals, we receive support from the following organizations.

ur next major concert; Schubert's "Mass in G."  We will be accompanied by several instrumentalists and soloists.  It will be a moving event.